Tag: Suffolk County

Dorchester: Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute (DISMISSED)

By: Christopher Coughlin
Dec 12, 2017
Summary of Facts: Our client was suspected of possessing firearms, leading to a search warrant being granted for our client’s home. Police stopped our client, took the keys to our...

Boston: Drug Possession and Trespassing: Dismissed

By: Christopher Coughlin
Aug 15, 2015
Summary of Facts: Our client was charged with drug possession and trespassing. Boston Police observed him in an alleyway that was believed to be a high drug area and was marked...

Boston: Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle: Dismissed (prior to Arraignment)

By: Christopher Coughlin
Apr 19, 2015
Summary of Facts: Our client was allegedly observed driving twice the speed limit on a major thoroughfare in Boston. The police pulled our client over and claimed to smell alcohol...

Dorchester: DUI/DWI/OUI: Motion to Suppress Allowed and Case Dismissed

By: Christopher Coughlin
Nov 13, 2014
Summary of Facts: While driving to drop her friend off late one night on the campus of UMass-Boston, our client was stopped by the UMass-Boston police. The police approached our...

Boston: DUI/OUI: Motion to Suppress Allowed

By: Christopher Coughlin
Sep 28, 2011
Summary of Facts: Our client was a mid-twenties professional that worked in Boston for a tech startup. He was stopped one weekend night for driving the wrong way down a...