Tag: Magistrate’s Hearing

Lawrence: Reckless Endangerment of a Child: Pre-Trial Probation

By: Christopher Coughlin
Nov 1, 2018
Summary of Facts: Our client worked as a school van driver, transporting children to and from homes outside of their school district. With a student in his van, and on...

Natick: Criminal Motor Vehicle Violations: Dismissed

By: Christopher Coughlin
May 4, 2018
Summary of Facts: Our client was pulled over by a Massachusetts State Trooper for travelling 90 M.P.H. in 65 M.P.H. zone. After a brief encounter between our client and the...

Dedham: Shoplifting: Case Dismissed (Prior to Arraignment)

By: Christopher Coughlin
Jun 2, 2015
Summary of Facts: Our client was accused of stealing items from a store in the Dedham mall. A loss prevention officer claimed she observed our client enter a dressing room...