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Accused of Domestic Violence?

By: Christopher Coughlin
Jan 22, 2020
Defining Domestic Assault and Battery In the state of Massachusetts, it is illegal to physically harm, attempt to physically harm, inflict fear of imminent serious physical harm, or initiate involuntary...

What Should I Wear to Court?

By: Christopher Coughlin
Nov 20, 2019
Why Your Courtroom Attire Matters It is very important to give yourself every advantage in court, and this includes making a good first impression. Everyone present will take note of...

Why You Need a Lawyer for a Boston Clerk Magistrate Hearing

By: Christopher Coughlin
Oct 16, 2019
While many people assume that criminal activity of any sort will result in an immediate arrest and arraignment, this is not necessarily the case. In Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 218,...

Pulled Over by Police? Know Your Rights

By: Christopher Coughlin
Aug 16, 2019
If you are stopped by a police officer who suspects you of Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence (OUI) in Massachusetts, it’s important to know your rights before making any...

Dorchester: Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute (DISMISSED)

By: Christopher Coughlin
Dec 12, 2017
Summary of Facts: Our client was suspected of possessing firearms, leading to a search warrant being granted for our client’s home. Police stopped our client, took the keys to our...

Prescription Drug Take-Back Program Aims to Curb Abuse

By: Christopher Coughlin
Apr 24, 2013
With another successful National Prescription Drug Take-Back event – this time taking in nearly 200 tons of expired or unwanted prescription and over-the-counter medications – behind us, the United States...