Category: Criminal

Dorchester: Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute (DISMISSED)

By: Christopher Coughlin
Dec 12, 2017
Summary of Facts: Our client was suspected of possessing firearms, leading to a search warrant being granted for our client’s home. Police stopped our client, took the keys to our...

Supreme Judicial Court Issues Important Ruling on Police Interrogations

By: Christopher Coughlin
Mar 17, 2016
The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court recently issued an important decision concerning police interrogations. In Commonwealth v. Smith, the highest court in the Commonwealth reversed a defendant’s murder and attempted armed...

Medical Marijuana and Drugged Driving in Massachusetts

By: Christopher Coughlin
Feb 23, 2016
Voters in Massachusetts voted in November 2012 to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes, but lawmakers are still working out the details of how to incorporate the reform...

Boston: Gun Charges and Assault with a Dangerous Weapon: Dismissed

By: Christopher Coughlin
Jan 6, 2016
Summary of Facts: Our client was facing gun charges. He was pulled over after police received numerous reports of shots fired in downtown Boston. 911 callers were only able to...

Boston: Drug Possession and Trespassing: Dismissed

By: Christopher Coughlin
Aug 15, 2015
Summary of Facts: Our client was charged with drug possession and trespassing. Boston Police observed him in an alleyway that was believed to be a high drug area and was marked...

Falmouth: Criminal Harassment: Dismissed

By: Christopher Coughlin
Jul 1, 2015
Summary of Facts: After first hiring a lawyer who was unable to get the outcome our client needed, our client hired Attorney Coughlin to take over the matter. In this...

Dedham: Shoplifting: Case Dismissed (Prior to Arraignment)

By: Christopher Coughlin
Jun 2, 2015
Summary of Facts: Our client was accused of stealing items from a store in the Dedham mall. A loss prevention officer claimed she observed our client enter a dressing room...

Brockton: Assault & Battery: Case Dismissed (prior to Arraignment)

By: Christopher Coughlin
May 13, 2015
Summary of Facts: Our client, who works in the health care industry, was involved in a physical altercation in the parking lot of a MBTA commuter rail station. He had...

Falmouth: Assault and Battery: Dismissed

By: Christopher Coughlin
May 11, 2015
Summary of Facts: Police were called regarding a domestic disturbance at our client’s (a marketing professional) house. The police found a chaotic scene in which multiple family member’s described a...

Boston: Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle: Dismissed (prior to Arraignment)

By: Christopher Coughlin
Apr 19, 2015
Summary of Facts: Our client was allegedly observed driving twice the speed limit on a major thoroughfare in Boston. The police pulled our client over and claimed to smell alcohol...