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Boston Probation Violation Lawyer | Have You Violated Your Probation?

By: Christopher Coughlin
Mar 4, 2020
Massachusetts Probation Violation Attorneys When you are placed on probation, the court expects you to comply with the terms of your probation contract. The conditions outlined within this agreement involve...

Why You Need a Lawyer for a Boston Clerk Magistrate Hearing

By: Christopher Coughlin
Oct 16, 2019
While many people assume that criminal activity of any sort will result in an immediate arrest and arraignment, this is not necessarily the case. In Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 218,...

Is Encore Boston Harbor a Bad Bet? Police Respond to Several Fights

By: Christopher Coughlin
Sep 10, 2019
This June, the Encore Boston Harbor hotel and casino opened its doors. The 33-acre development, the largest of its kind in the state of Massachusetts, sits just outside of Boston...

Lawrence: Reckless Endangerment of a Child: Pre-Trial Probation

By: Christopher Coughlin
Nov 1, 2018
Summary of Facts: Our client worked as a school van driver, transporting children to and from homes outside of their school district. With a student in his van, and on...

Chelsea: Possession of Narcotics: Record Sealed

By: Christopher Coughlin
Oct 9, 2018
Summary of Facts: Our client was a licensed nurse in Massachusetts who was relocating to another state. Our client’s application in that state for a nursing license required that she...

Roxbury: Leaving the Scene of Personal Injury: Dismissed

By: Christopher Coughlin
Sep 5, 2018
Summary of Facts: Our client was charged with leaving the scene of personal injury and leaving the scene of property damage after his car was located near a motor vehicle...

Cambridge: Witness Intimidation: Pre-Trial Probation

By: Christopher Coughlin
Aug 20, 2018
Summary of Facts: Our client’s friend was charged with serious offenses in Superior Court. Our client called the alleged victim in her friend’s case in an attempt to retrieve some...

Malden: Ignition Interlock Violation: Dismissed

By: Christopher Coughlin
Aug 14, 2018
Summary of Facts: Our client was required to use an Ignition Interlock device, as the result of a previous OUI. Our client was pulled over for a traffic violation, and...

Criminal Justice Reform Bill: Effects on Theft Offenses

By: Christopher Coughlin
Jun 11, 2018
On April 13, 2018, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed into law a new bill that made a number of important changes to the Massachusetts Criminal Justice System. The Attorneys at...

Chelsea: Use of a Motor Vehicle without Authority: Pre-Trial Probation

By: Christopher Coughlin
Jun 5, 2018
Summary of Facts: Our client worked for livery vehicle company, and got into a contract dispute with his employer. The employer accused him of keeping a company vehicle after the...